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Southview is a Seventh-day Adventist School
located in Burnsville, MN

We serve kindergarden through 10th grade

 "The mission of the Southview Christian School is to provide a program of educational excellence while introducing our students to the Master Teacher and nurturing a forever friendship with Him."


If you are interested in receiving more information about Southview Christian school click on Contact Us.

It's official! We will get out at noon on Friday. Thank you for picking up your children right on time! 

Please send bags/suitcases to school with your child for taking home personal belongings. 

RETURN REGISTRATION PACKETS as soon as possible. All 3 classrooms are filling up quickly.

SNOW CLOTHES are still in the locker room. Please take them home!

SHOW & TELL this week is a pair of silly socks!

GRADUATION AND AWARD NIGHT is tomorrow night (May 12). Your child should be at school NO LATER than 6:15 PM so we can start on time. I know this is a rush for several of you. Students should wear church clothes. There is a reception afterwards in honor of our Kindergarten and 8th grade graduates. 

Thank you again for blessing us with your children and for your support and prayers all year.  Remember, every morning when you wake up, we are one day closer to Jesus' coming back.

BOXTOPS FOR EDUCATION is discontinuing its program this coming August. We need everyone to get in as many boxtops as possible before that time. It is sad that we are losing this program that always brought in a few $100 for our school each year. When donating Labels for Education, be sure to leave on the bar code. Otherwise, they are worthless. Thanks for your help and support.

School appropriate clothing is khaki pants, skirts, shorts, or skorts in beige, brown, black, or navy. Shirts should be solid-colored polo shirts of any color. When it gets cold, hoodies and sweaters may be worn for warmth, but we ask that the hoodie be left down.

Consider supporting your school with Box Tops for Education or Target's Red Card. Both programs have been a big help to SCS with a few families participating. Your participation helps keep Southview Christian School strong!

Be sure to read our full news letter on the parents page. Included is a list of school supplies students should have and a copy of our dress code for the current 2014-2015 school year.