Dear Parents:

  1. Book Orders are due TOMORROW, October 11. The online code for Scholastic Books Clubs is HFHWZ is you want to order online.
  2. BOOK-IT reading program starts this month. Calendars were sent home. When filled out, return to your child's teacher to receive a certificate for a personal pan pizza free at Pizza Hut.
  3. Mrs. Guptill is teaching Spanish to each classroom each Friday afternoon.
  4. Remember the dress code: polo shirts, khaki pants, shorts, skirts, etc. We have UGLY clothes in all sizes that students can change into if they come to school in leggings, jeans, yoga pants, etc.
  5. For safety reasons, please DO NOT wear necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. to school.
  6. TONIGHT the Southview Revival Series Hope for All Nations, with Pastor Sean Lee as the speaker begins on 6:30 PM. Tonight and next Thursday night the meeting will be in the school library with Pastor Darnisha Thomas hosting. Tomorrow night and Sabbath morning, Pastor Lee will be speaking from the House of Prayer. The same schedule will repeat next Thursday, Friday, and Sabbath. ALL ARE INVITED!
  7. Ms. Brooke and I would like to thank everyone for their prayers and condolences for the loss of our aunt and great-aunt. She was 97 years old, but it is still hard to say good-bye to a loved one who was a second mother and grandmother to us.
  8. SCHOOL PICTURE DAY next Wednesday, October 16

Mrs. Hansen

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